Formatting my PC and Cooking dinner at the same time.

I was never fond of computers or laptop during my childhood, I always wanted to be a mechanical engineer or an auto-mobile engineer. But look at me, where I am now, spending 8-10 hours of a day developing software.

Oh god what I want and what you gave me, any way still I was enjoying  my life before computers.

Since my graduation I have not learnt how to format a pc , I know being an engineer its a quite absurd thing to listen, but its fact. Right now I am sitting before my pc and formatting it at my own.

At the same time there is something going in my kitchen, oh nothing  special just rice and dal. I am very bad at cooking but what to do, I have to live such boring life until my sweetheart marry me.

Ok friend that's it for today.

Good night and sweet dreams .........

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