Being With You

I love you, when I was a stranger to love,
I feel you when I start learning how to live.

Tapan kumar
Tapan kumar

Breathing fresh air keeps me alive, but thinking about you
gives me a reason why to live ?

I was walking alone in the lonely road of my boring life,
then I get a glance of your sweet smile.

And I found a new hope to live, a matches to lighten the lamp of
my life.

I know aiming the moon is a crime for me, but for you, I can spent my
whole life in prison.

I know you don't like my stupidity, but what can I do you are the only one
before whom I become stupid for all the time.

I love to tease you, irritate you, make you angry upon me for some silly things.
I know you don't like those by now, you always want a decent love some irrational love
But I always want a rational one.

you may not need me now, but you will someday while sitting alone. Then you will want me
to irritate you, tease you, cheat you and make you angry.

But I will have gone far away from you then, you will not find me near by you only except
my memories with you.

Its time sweetheart I am with you, don't look at the world, don't worry about the consequences,
don't dream about the future, just love me, just be with me.

I am the present, who know tomorrow I will be the past, and you will be alone. There will
be no more quarrel, no more love, no more tears, and no more me.

Love me before I close my eyes, before I sleep forever, before I stop feeling your love.

                                                                                                                         --- Tapan kumar

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