Fraud Axis bank

Its For all Axis Bank Customers;

I have my salary account in Axis Bank since last 2 years. Here are some problems I have faced in this f**king banking service.

First Incident
I got my credit card from Axis Bank, having 2 options for cash-back. First "Super Market" and second "Electronics". 6 months ago I used
my credit card to purchase a "Samsung Galaxy Tab" according to my options I deserve 5% cash-back. But I did not, and when I called their
customer assistance some bullshit person replied me "Samsung Galaxy Tab" is not coming under "Electronics". What the F**k, I am surprised.
Ok "Samsung" is a "Furniture" manufacturing company I "Galaxy Tab" is a "Wooden Chair".

Second Incident
Just before 15 days I brought a "Samsung Galaxy Grand" this time also I deserve 5% cash back, But as I told you before that "Samsung" is
a "Furniture" manufacturing company then I knew it that "Galaxy Grand" will definitely not fall under "Electronics" category. So I went to
"The Mobile Store", where Axis bank has an offer of 5% cash back on any purchase above 12000/-. So I bought my first smart phone "Galaxy Grand".
This time also I have not got the cash back, when I emailed their customer service then reverted me back saying that there was an instant cash-back
of 5%. What the hell is that, I have purchased the device according to its MRP. then where the hell is the 5% cash back.

Third Incident
Today there is 0 balance in my account ( salary account ). I told one of my friend to transfer 500/- so that I can adjust for next 4-5 days till I got
my salary. And when I went to withdraw the amount I found 144/- is available in my account and the F**king bank has blocked 355/-. Don't know why ? Called
4-5 time to the bank for support and every time they were showing some reason and hang out the phone. I am shocked. What type of banking service is this ?

I am going to close my credit card and the salary account from this bullshit banking system.

So friends be aware of the f**king Axis bank.

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